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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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criticism. we start with ken pritchett with what officials say started the fire and what they're doing right now to put the smoldering flames out, ken. >> reporter: today chevron officials said that this is a leak it started as a leak in the refinery unit. today we learned that the first assessment of that leak is that it was a public safety concern. however that situation rapidly changed and minutes later the alert was sounded. what caused the leak from a refinery unit, what caused the fire. before those explanations chevron had this for residents who heard sirens yesterday evening and gazed on this huge black cloud of smoke. >> we're very sorry that it occurred and we're doing our best to try to prevent it in the future. >> reporter: this is video from news chopper 2 this morning only a small flame was visible as remaining fuel was allowed to burn off from refinery unit four. mike ire says a leak was
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detected in an 8-inch pipe. >> this was a small maybe 20 drips per minute type of a leak on this line. >> reporter: if 20 minutes, they worked on the leak then it suddenly expanded. >> as they backed away and started to put cooling water that's when it lit off. >> reporter: what sparked the fuel resulting in the fire and smoke remains unknown. within 10 minutes of ignition, chevron officials triggered the alert system. >> there is an emergency at chevron refinery. >> reporter: that was the automated call some 20,000 residents received. >> yes we felt that it worked as designed. >> reporter: there was a 10 minute gap between when the fire ignited and the time when chevron officials triggered the alert from here at the refinery. county officials said they consider that a fast response.
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in richmond, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a community meeting is said to start so people affected by that refinery fire can hear directly from chevron and have their say. cara liu live in richmond, many people want to know if there are any long term effects of breathing in that long term smoke. >> you are exactly right, right now chevron has more than 300 chairs set up inside this auditorium for the town hall. they are anticipating a bay crowd and say they are ready for any flow. residents will hear from county health officials as well as the air district and so many of the people that live near that refinery they are worried about their health. >> this is the mask i was using here. just to keep me, to keep me breathing right because when i left the house this morning i could still smell that metal, sulfur in the air. >> reporter: kenney lives near
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the refinery. he heard a loud boom then saw a massive crowd of black smoke. >> it smelled like metal, sulfur or something. like metal being burned. >> reporter: he went to the hospital this morning concerned. >> i was like nauseated, vomited, my throat swelled from that. i feel like i need to be some where with a lot more fresh air. >> reporter: kaiser treated more than 350 people for fire related issues between last night and today. most patients complained of respiratory issues. methodist san pablo has about 300. favorable weather patterns pushed smoke upwards and athroughed it to be disbursed. >> we expect to see carbon fiber from the fuels and it's
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hard to say there's going to be particular matter in there as well and that is always a health concern. >> reporter: the air district has tested air quality samples and workers who i talked to just a few minutes ago tell me those results came back a few minutes ago. they are being analyzed right now. officials plan to release those results at a town meeting. cara liu, ktvu news. >> our coverage of the refinery coverage continues at 6:00. we have gas impact prices and whether drivers can expect a hike. many of the safety recommendations are already in use, five sailorred died april 15th when the sailboat the low speed chase crashed around the race. they found fault with the course that was set in the
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race. the report also recommended improved life jackets and harnesses and better communication. abiding by the recommendations is voluntary. raisers have already made changes. >> we're very positive with what we've seen so far. just this last weekend we had the race where we saw many of these requirements or recommendations put into effect. >> captain tow says race officials have made many safety improvements in the 11 races that have taken place since that accident. investigators say it'll be difficult to identify a body burned. the burned body layed just outside a completely burned vehicle. officers say damage to the car is one reason it will be very
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difficult to i.d. the victim. >> we actually haven't gotten anything out of the vehicle. it's completely burned up. no vin number. we don't know who the car belonged to or who the next of kin may have been. >> reporter: the driver may have missed a curve and drove off the road. the driver may have simply been doing too fast. the major of san francisco said today there will be no stop and frisk policy in his city. ktvu's david stevenson live with exclusive information on a letter mayor lee received that may have factors into this decision. >> reporter: mayor lee today offered up a new plan to stop violence in san francisco one that's different from his stop and frisk policy here in the city. >> we will not be implementing the stop and frisk program or variations of that here in san francisco. >> reporter: mayor ed lee today backed away from the controversial policy after weeks of criticism from those
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who see it as racial profiling. >> i know we've had a lot of discussions about stop and frisk that's being done in other parts of the country and i've had a chance to view them. >> reporter: lui advices lee to avoid implementing stop and frisk saying it has poisoned the relationship between police and residents of new york. and says new york faces lawsuits because of stop and frisk. >> we created 5,000 jobs this summer. you can't give jobs to dead kids. >> we'll be knocking on your
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door. we'll be seeing if your compliant with your conditions and if you have a gun i would suggest that you turn it in. >> reporter: the new plan must still overcome skepticism from some stop and frisk opponents. >> this has been said for years and years and years. when the money is gone, the crime and stuff comes right back. >> reporter: the new plan also encourages people to turn in guns to police or churches without fear of prosecution. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. 37-year-old robert johns was in court for a preliminary hearing but his attorney requested a delay to allow for a mental evaluation. johns is now scheduled for a behavioral court hearing at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. police say they found a stash of guns, rifles, knives and ammunition in his jeep last week near golden gate park. in about 15 minutes the san francisco police chief hears from the angry family members
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of a man shot by officers over the weekend. their accusation and his response. a guilty plea was entered by the man who killed six people and wounded former congresswoman giffords and 12 others. jared loughner's plea today will spare him the death sentence. he has been forcibly medicated for months to treat his schizophrenia. loughner will be sentenced to life in prison without parol. there's a new report about the gunman accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater. a psychiatrist that treated james holmes asked university of colorado police for a background check on him. the request was six weeks before the july 20th shootings. the police declined the request because holmes did not have a criminal background. in our next half hour, another scare at a showing of the dark knight rises. what police found on a man
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arrested at a theater in ohio. the committee behind proposition eight to ban same- sex marriage faces a possible fine. the state political practices commission is recommending that fine because the committee missed a deadline to report more than a million dollars in contributions. it also reports the committee failed to identify the donor in a $10,000 wire transfer. the commission will vote on the fine on an august 16th meeting in sacramento. u.s. jobs openings hit a four year high. the labor department said that job openings hit 3.8 million in june. that is the highest number since june of 2008 and just under if prerecession level. on wall street today investors remained optimistic after the possible news about jobs. the dow was up 51 points, the
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nasdaq up 25. the s & p added seven. new figures show americans are cutting back on the use of credit cards. the federal reserve says credit card debt fell 5% to $864.6 billion in june. analysts say since the 2008 financial crisis, americans have been relying less on credit cards. however, federal figures show over all consumer borrowing rose in june because of increases in auto and student loans. in fact, total student loan debt has jumped more than 50% since mid-2008. the sikh community in oak creek wisconsin today took steps to heal from this weekend's mass shooting. the temple where the attack took place remained close as the investigation continues but a new memorial to the victims has appeared. six white crosses represent each of those killed in the shooting. family, friends and others have left stuffed animals and flowers. flags remain at half staff in oak creek and add embassies, federal offices and military
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posts across the country. >> it's a tremendous show of solidarity and it's an affirmation of our values as a country. this hurts but it helps that our whole community and country are behind us. >> reporter: funeral services for those killed are scheduled for friday. hollywood and broadway are mourning the loss of one their best known composers. marvin hamlisch composed music for many well known pieces. in addition to that his accolades include emmy's, academy awards and golden globes. a family member says hamlisch died yesterday after a brief
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illness. a fire breaks out in business, why firefighters say it could have been worse. >> outside our doors our dry warm pattern will continue. just how much hotter we expect to be for our wednesday, coming up. cçrrú
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businesses burned after a fire broke out this morning. flames broke out after 6:00 this morning near capital. sal castaneda live there now. sal you have video taken by someone who woke up to those flames. >> reporter: that's right gasia, right now we also have pictures of people boarding up these buildings you can see kings coffee and lilly being boarded up right now. it's lucky no one was seriously injured or killed this morning when the fire suddenly took off and created very dangerous conditions. mcfae took this video from her
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house directly outside of the building. she says a family member woke her up and one of her first instinct was to document what she was seeing. her and her family was told to evacuate. some had gone inside to attack the fire. assistant fire cheer saragusa described the scary moments when firefighters opened the door inside the building. >> once you open up the door by adding that amount of oxygen a violent event took place which sounded like an explosion. i was standing probably 30 feet away from the front of the building when energy smoke and heat came out of the building obviously. my first concern was for the firefighters. >> reporter: firefighters were on the ground and a ball of fire went right over them. hunter who lives in the house behind the fire saw the whole thing from his back porch. >> it was like a fire ball. it blew. >> reporter: today we were allowed to walk inside the
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burned out building, things that weren't burned were ruined by smoke and fire. still at least two of the business owners affected say they will reopen. >> now two firefighters were injured one had heart palpitations. as for when these buildings and businesses can be rebuilt. officials say it is simply too early to tell. sal castaneda, ktvu. fire station closures in east contra costa county are having an effect on response times. the district closed stations in brentwood, nightson and bethel islands after the failure of a proposed parcel tax. last night fire chief henderson said average response times have increased from one to five minutes to locations in those station areas. the board is considering the addition of volunteer firefighters as part of a solution. a grass fire along i80 led
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to lane closures and major traffic back up. fire officials say flames scorched 15 acres. the highway patrol shut down three lanes causing traffic to back up for miles. the highway patrol reopened all lanes shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the city of san jose is now the largest city to use a private neighborhood network to make it easier for the city to reach out to its residents. the system is called next door and lets residents communicate with each other in a close network in which access and neighborhood is verified by address. with the city's involvement, city officials will network
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about crime and news. while still officials will able to send messages out they won't be able to snoop on what's happening in the neighborhood. the next door announcement comes on the same night city encourages neighbors to come together to build safer communities. coming up we will take you to the national night out celebration. firefighters came to the rescue of a construction worker who fell into a deep hole. we have video here you will see only on channel 2. the accident happened just before 11:00 a.m. at cesar chavez and cat street where workers were installing a pipe. one worker apparently slipped off the cat walk and fell into the 15-foot pit. firefighters say it was a tricky operation getting him out. >> kind of narrow in there, the workers are putting in a pipeline it looks like in there. he fell between the pipeline area on gravel. it's kind of cramped. >> reporter: they stabilized his back and neck for possible injuries and used a combination
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of pulllies and ladders to get him out. he was transported to the san francisco hospital. part of santa clara county will be treated for mosquitoes to prevent the spread of west nile virus. the treatment area includes los altos, los altos hill. crews will begin ground fogging in that area thursday night at 11:00 it's expected to last several hours. so far this year there's been no human cases of west nile virus. >> yesterday here at 5:00 our meteorologist rosemary orozco said to expect a spike of temperatures. i got up at 5:00 this morning and it was holt already. >> most of us woke up with sunny skies. the marine layer 1/3 of what it was last weekends. that means we have drier air in place especially for our hills. we have a gorgeous day out there. we have blue skies, wall to wall sunshine going on. but again we're a little drier and at some point we have to consider the possibility of
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heightened fire danger because this heat isn't going any where. it's going to stay around for a few days so we'll be tracking that for you. mean while the winds kicking up over sfo. westerly breeze 20 miles per hour. and right across the bay and into livermore. livermore one of the spots that's a little cooler than we were yesterday. and we are looking at winds continuing throughout the evening hours dying down between 10:00, 11:00 and midnight tonight. take a look at livermore, 84 for you, 83 in napa. 90 in santa rosa. 65 in san francisco and 83 redwood city. most areas warmed six to 7 degrees to what we were yesterday. we continue with this heat up and perhaps the first half of the weekend. the satellite radar hit a ridge of high pressure nudging our way but we will continue to strengthen and that will continue to bring us the air
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mass. high pressure also has sinking air. most of us now waking up with sunshine. 55degrees in oakland, 51 santa rosa, upper 50s to near 60s degrees for the inlands areas. we'll be a tad warming than what we were yesterday. low to mid-50s for the coast, upper 60s right around the city. mid-70s to upper 60s for inland. mid- to upper 90s for areas near antioch and brentwood. coming up we'll take a broader look around and we will show you when the heat is actually going to peak coming up. get ready to dig a little deeper. the bay area city and county that could be asking residents to pay more in taxes.
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>> face to face, the family of a man killed by a san francisco police officer faces the chief face to face with their concerns. >> and you can watch ktvu news any where you go by using your iphone or i pad. >> if the citizens of san jose knew how few officers were patrolling a beat on a midnight watch they would lock themselves in a bathroom. >> criticism for leadership of a police department battling budget cuts. >> news that could spoil your sweet tooth. learn where candy laced with lead was found. >> suspected of killing a teen. the policy that got his released from prison early tonight on ktvu news.
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the san jose city council is considering whether to add a sales tax measure to the ballot
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and the decision could come any moment. the santa clara board of supervisors already approved the sales tax ballot measure. the county measure calls for a .8 cents hike in 12 years. that will raise an additional $58 million for things such as law enforcement, hospital emergency rules and health care. the city council is considering a half cent sales tax over 15 years to help restore cuts and services. the san francisco police chief met with members of the community this morning to talk about an officer involved shooting that happened last weekend. chief greg suhr was met by angry family members who said that cooper would never point a gun at police. >> it's been my experience that it's a death sentence if you point a gun at the police. >> multiple witnesses describe that the police called
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numerous times at the suspect to stop. in turn turned and pointed a firearm at an officer over his left shoulder. >> reporter: the meeting was held at the downtown high school not far from the scene of the shooting saturday night. officers say they had received a tip about a man with a gun and say when they spotted cooper he pulled a gun on them. officers fired and cooper was shot in the lower back, foot and leg. >> why did they shoot him three times? >> in the back. >> in the back. as he's running they're still shooting at him. >> he was not running at the time. we do not shoot fleeing felons in the san francisco police department. >> reporter: family members were also upset they've not been allowed to see cooper since the shooting. the chief meet with each one of them to talk about police procedures. he says cooper was released from the hospital yesterday and booked into jail on several weapons charges. last night on the 10:00
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news we showed you this exclusive video of the suspects emerging from a bathroom where they held up a man at gunpoint and demanded his shopping bag last month. crimes at the mall are not unusual. police say they are called to westfield sometimes up to three times a day. but the police chief hopes the new police substation near by at sixth and market street will help with the growing problem when it opens in october. now the problems at the refinery here may be abating but, the problems for consumers at the pump may just be beginning. >> at this hour, pg & e crews are working to fix a gas line that ruptured in santa cruz. we'll tell you how it happened and how it affected near by businesses.
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this was an alarming site and the fall out continues. tonight we're getting a better picture of how the chevron refinery fire could affect all of us at the pump. we don't know just yet how much of an impact that fire will have on gas prices, but already it's not good. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar, you've already found a 25-cent per gallon jury. >> reporter: well it turns out this way, whenever there's a change in the marketplace these numbers are sure to rise. it's what we don't know that could bite us in the pocketbook. >> it's going to take us some time to truly assess the damage to this facility. >> reporter: nonetheless, the fire chief confirms there was damage in place. >> there was some structural damage and there was some other piping damage. we don't know exactly what that
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extend is but you're absolutely right. there was additional damage. >> reporter: severin borenstein is the economist director. >> we are going to have some problems in the next few weeks. >> reporter: the problems for consumers at the pumps may just be beginning. >> so far today we've seen the price spike in the market. if that maintains then we're going to see that come through to the pump pretty quickly. there's really no slack in the california refining capacity. particularly this time of year we're importing gasoline from other parts of the country. >> reporter: importing more will be a major challenge if prices begin to spike. >> you can't really get a new shipment that wasn't already scheduled for two or three weeks. when we do have these sorts of outages we see a price spike.
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and get this, incredibly other refineries including chevron's own southern california refinery could reap a huge windfall from higher prices. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. gas prices continue their slow but steady march higher today. national wide average prices are $3.63 marking a mid-way point. here in the bay area it'll cost you $3.93 to fill up in san francisco. san jose is just a bit cheaper at $3.86. continue to stay with ktvu news for more coverage of the refinery fire. we have a crew at that community meeting which is set to start here in just about 15 minutes. we'll have an update at 6:00. after four months of delays a brand new casino opened its doors today in san jose.
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casino matrix held a soft opening today. it was supposed to open in april and just received final approval from gaming officials. only the ground floor could open today and all card games must be visible and open to the public. that did not deter about 75 customers who were lined up when the doors opened at 10:30 this morning. >> this place is so beautiful. i mean i was like actually the first one walking in these doors saying here we are. just excited because we've been waiting for the last four months. >> reporter: casino officials say they still hope to get approval to open more gaming tables on the second floor. meanwhile motorists in san jose will get to decide if more gambling card rooms will be allowed in the city. the city council approved a november ballot initiative to expand gambling in san jose. the measure would allow the number to jump to 158 the following year. scott wynn has been
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identified as the victim of this weekend's fatal shooting in san jose. it happened just about 3:00 a.m. saturday. wynn was declared dead at the scene. so far police have made no arrests in this case. this killing is san jose's 24th homicide of the year. a gas leak forced the evacuation of homeowners and businesses. janine de la vega is there to tell us when that line will be repaired. >> reporter: ken is gas is no longer leaking but as you can see behind me pg & e crews are still out here to repair that line. i was just told by a county spokesperson that may not happen until midnight. the good news is that most of socal avenue is back open it had been closed since 10:00 a.m. and people were told to shelter in place as a precaution. >> from chopper 2 you can see pg & e crews working to fix the 6-inch line that ruptured the
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morning. a construction crew was doing work and hit a line causing a leak. from the ground you can see what sounds like rushing water that's the gas escaping. officials from the sheriff's office sealed up a four square mile area. >> it's a large volume of natural gas but it's coming out of the pipe at a high pressure and hitting the air very quickly. as a precaution we did evacuate a couple of near by businesses. >> reporter: at least five businesses were evacuated. two dogs that were patients were taken to the county shelter. two preschools were also in the affected area. those children were escorted away by teachers as they waited for parents to come. >> they said if the winds shifted we could go outside but we ended up having to evacuate. so it's kind of scary. >> reporter: with the gas leaking i didn't know what was going to happen so i would rather get my son out of the
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area to some where safe. >> reporter: officials told residents to shelter in place. gas levels were not hazardous and just after 2:00 p.m. pg &e crews were finally able to squeeze the line and put it in place. pg & e crews are working to repair the line. they say they just need to weld it together. it could take well into the evening hours before it could happen. reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu news. a man is being held without bail after walking into a weekends showing into the dark knight rises. scott smith was carrying four knives and a loaded 9- millimeter glock when a theater manager and off duty police officer working security asked to search his bag.
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he was arrested without incident. at his home they found gas masks and bullet-proof vests. are cell phones bad for your health? the new calls for safety standards that's becoming an essential tool for all ages. and the a giant accused of child labor laws. where the alleged abuse is happening and what's being done about it.
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a new federal report finds the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents is on the rise. the national highway traffic safety administration says in 2010 almost 4,300 people were killed in traffic while walking or jogging. that's up 4% from the year before. in california 599 people were killed pedestrians in 2010. a new government survey says that more people are walking but they still need to step up their exercise routines. the findings were based on interviewed with 126 people in 2010. 62% of them spept 10 minutes walking in the previous seven days that's up from 56% in 2005 -- of them spent 10 pháeups walking in the previous seven days. that's still a far cry from government recommendations of 2- 1/2 hours of exercise each
5:42 pm
week. after 15 years federal officials feel that cell phone safety standards are outdated. a new federal report says guidelines on cell phone energy exposure needs to be updated it also recommends that the fcc look at how cell phones are used today and how close to their bodies people keep their phones. while the study does not say cell phones cause cancer it also doesn't say they're safe. >> there's some glimmers of possibility but there's no confirmed evidence. >> reporter: this newly released report also wants the fcc to focus on children's use of cell phones. the revealing statistics that paint a scary picture of runways at the airports. >> and when some of us will actually hit the century mark coming up. >> new at 6:00,. >> if the citizens of san jose knew how few officers were
5:43 pm
patrolling the beat on a weekend night, they would lock themselves in the bathroom. >> neighbors take a stand against crime tonight. >> then news that could spoil your sweet tooth. learn where candy laced with lead was being sold. >> plus suspected of killing a bay area teen, ktvu uncovers the policy that got him released from prison early, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. cçrrú
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federal aviation officials say the airport has a few hot spots. several places where planes could cross paths. there have been more than a dozen such runway incursions at sfo since january of 2011. to be clear the incidents we uncovered were not as infamous as the close call at san francisco international and not as severe as this one.
5:46 pm
two planes colliding at jfk last april. but we did find 13 runway incidents. 13 runway incursions in san francisco in 2011 alone. about the same at pittsburgh, seattle combined. >> any time you encroach on the runway that another plane is taking off on landing on it creates a potential danger. how far from the line did you cross? did you cross an inch or a several feet. >> reporter: there was quote average time and distance to avoid a collision. but the feds have flagged a few areas at san francisco international that are hot spots. including a taxi area that are confusing to pilots. raising the risk of accident. nationwide the number of runway incursions dropped to about
5:47 pm
1,000. but a former agency insider says that's still far too many. >> the reason we're so concerned about runway incursions is we're intending to put more planes in the system. with more planes in the system and runway incursions on theincrease we are headed for a serious deadly event. >> reporter: in a statement, the faa says it's improving training and signage at airports nationwide to further reduce the number of runway incursions all across the country. scott macfarlane. >> mike mccarron sent us this statement. to further enhance the safety profile at san francisco international airport, the airport -- previously undisclosed court documents show that american airlines may beat its
5:48 pm
own record for safety violation penalties. a bankruptcy filing shows the airport may get fined 135 million for safety violations. in 2010 american was fined $24 million for maintenance problems with its md80s. the federal aviation administration is banning the use of a procedure that led to a close call at an airport near the nation's capital. the traffic reversing procedure involves air controllers directing some planes to take off and land opposite of the usual direction. last week bad weather prompted the use of the procedure near ronald reagan national airport in washington where three jets got too close to one another. the faa says it appears a miscommunication between air traffic controllers caused the mishap. new procedures are scheduled to be in place within a week. nasa rover has sent back
5:49 pm
the first color photo from the red planet. the imagine shows a pebbly landscape and off in the distance you can see the rim of the ancient gail crater where the rover curiosity landed. this video shows the last 2-1/2 minutes of the spacecraft's plunge through the thin martian atmosphere. samsung is coming under fire for alleged child labor violations in factories in china. china labor watch is accusing samsung of a series of violations at a factory complex that assembled devices for the korean company. it includes employing workers as young as 14 and physical punishment toward workers who make mistakes. samsung released a statement saying its on sight inspections found no violations. given the report it will conduct another inspection and promise to correct any problems that may surface. this warm weather that's
5:50 pm
approaching and in fact, already here gives us a dilemma, do we go to the beach, do we go to the lake, go to an ice cream parlor. >> maybe don't go to antioch because that's where it's a little toasty. some of the areas warmed into the 90s. eventually it's going to grow a little bit more uncomfortable but today outside right now, just a nice one. 90degrees in santa rosa this afternoon. 90 in concord. 94 in antioch. and we're not finished yet. high pressure will continue to move into the area in the coming days. 74 hayward, 81 is what we felt in redwood city this afternoon. again the ridge of high pressure over the central u.s. continued working its way westward eventually some of us are going to hit the century mark. it looks like by thursday into friday and the heat spell could last until the first half of the weekend. so for today our hottest spots low 90s will be in the mid- to
5:51 pm
upper 90s for tomorrow. 100degrees could be what we see for some of us on thursday and friday. the forecast as we wake up tomorrow morning. a lot like today. we have patchy fog along the coast, just across the bay with a quick burn off expected once again. marine layer only about 1,000 feet because that high pressure continues to compress and sink that marine layer. so we're dry, warmer and we will continue that warming trend into tomorrow. so tomorrow morning we wake up a lot like today. we will be a few degrees warmer than what we felt this morning. 51 santa rosa. 52 in napa. 57 concord, farther inland you go the warmer yourself going to be. 57 for fairfield, afternoon highs 90 santa rosa. we're inching up those numbers just a little bit from today. 75 in oakland. 94 walnut creek. 97 in antioch. that will be some of the hotter locations. 92 in morgan hill, 94 gilroy.
5:52 pm
low 80s for areas areas near san jose, san mateo. 70degrees in the city. mid- to upper 50s at the coast. mostly sunny skies and afternoon sea breeze because that high pressure is coming from the east we don't lose that sea breeze all together. that's great news if you don't like the heat. if you do like the heat well it's on. mid- to upper 90s for tomorrow and nearing 100 degrees thursday, friday slightly cooler on saturday and more so on sunday. >> thanks rosemary. we'll see you at 6:00. >> okay. a big and noisy protest hits the streets of san jose. why south bay workers hit the picket line today.
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an oak -- oakland man will not be charged for killing an intruder because he acted in self-defense. the man and son were in their home when a woman came to ask for help. saying that she was being followed. ocora bido made a move toward the woman and man's son that's when the man shot and killed the intruder. at&t employees created a
5:56 pm
noisy strike. line men picketed today. 20,000 20,000 at&t workers have walked off the job most of them in california and nevada. union members say the company's deals include too in give backs. employees in the midwest have already signed a contract. and at&t response is, our goal throughout these negotiations is to officer the best benefits throughout the country. a hunting enthusiast has come under fire for killing a hold -- a mountain lion in idaho. he september this photo of himself holding a dead mountain lion to a hunting newspaper. animal welfare groups called for richards to resign saying he showed bad judgment and
5:57 pm
ignored the will of california voters who banned mountain lions from the sport in 1990. but richards says he broke no wildlife rules in california or idaho where mountain lion hunting is legal. coming up in two minutes the change in jail policy from the very top that met the accused killer was back on the streets instead of behind bars. >> more team coverage from richmond where chevron officials are getting ready to meet with near by residents face to face to talk about what went right and what went wrong when fire erupted at its refinery.
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good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. frank somerville is off tonight. richmond police today named the suspect they believe gunned down a 16-year-old football player. new at6:00, paul chambers is live now in richmond where we've learned the suspect is a parolee who was released from jail under governor brown's realignment plan, paul. >> reporter: julie, school starts in a few weeks but next wednesday students and staff here at jfk high school in richmond will have a memorial for the 16-year-old who was killed over the weekend. now richmond police already arrested one man and today they


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